Altcoin Volatility Index

The Altcoin Volatility Index provides a snapshot of the cryptocurrency and altcoin volatility levels. The Altcoin Volatility Index should only be used for information based purposes.

How It Works

The index is based on volume and price fluctuations of USD-Tether (USDT). Trading signals are found in the form of fluctuations and rises/falls in the price and volumes of USD-Tether transactions across the exchanges.

Our Altcoin Volatility Index provides a scale of 0 to 100. With 100 being the highest volatility ranking and 0 being the lowest.

How To Use This Index

The Altcoin Volatility Index can assist you with determining whether it's a good time to invest (or take your earnings). It can offer an investor insight as to whether their individual investment is failing or the market as a whole.

When the index is at its highest it can be a good time to convert fiat to cryptocurrency. If you time the market right and you can buy your favourite cryptocurrency at a heavily discounted price.

This index can also be used in conjunction with consolidation patterns on our charts. A consolidation pattern in a bull market may result in prices increasing. Using this strategy works best with a lower volatility index

Notable Events

The index is based on the Cryptocurrency and Altcoin market crash which occured on December 22nd 2017 (where a 38% drop in Bitcoin's price resulted in billions being wiped off the industry market cap). An Altcoin Volatility Index of 100 would be comparible to this event.

Event DateIndex Value
28 Feb 20180
06 Feb 2018100
06 Feb 20180
05 Feb 20180
04 Feb 20180
03 Feb 20180
02 Feb 20180
01 Feb 20180
31 Jan 20180
30 Jan 20180
29 Jan 20180
28 Jan 20180
27 Jan 20180
26 Jan 20180
25 Jan 20180
24 Jan 20180
23 Jan 20180
18 Jan 2018100
18 Jan 20180
17 Jan 2018100
16 Jan 2018100
11 Jan 2018100
10 Jan 2018100